Social Quilt Movement Of India.

Social Quilt Movement Of India.

Quilters around the world have played a significant role in bringing communities together.
Since I have lived in the US for a few years and learned this skill in the US, I know more
about the quilt community there.

When the European immigrants started to settle in the US, quilting was one of the earliest
activities that the women started to do with their neighbors.This was one of the ways which
paved the way for laying the foundation for the American society to take shape.
This is the reason that one finds so many quilt shops and museums in even the smallest
towns of the US.

The quilters and the quilt community have played a very active part in creating awareness
for various social issues. The quilters are always doing their bit and whole heartedly
supporting social causes and making a difference in their surroundings in the US.
Be it making quilts for the children hospitals, American armed forces, and now the pandemic.
We are all aware of the ‘World’s Aids Quilt‘ and how popular it is even today.
The installation of the huge quilt at the Memorial Towers in New York is a testimony of how
quilters from all over the world united to express and share the pain of the terrorist attacks.

Now is the opportunity for us Indians to come together and make India’s first social quilt
movement a huge success.
India’s Karuna Quilt Movement –
A National Movement to give a shape of a quilt to our sentiment of Gratitude for the Invisible
Hands in teams that always do their best to keep us safe and healthy.
It is important that we whole – heartedly participate and inspire everyone around us to unite
and contribute for a social cause.

Several people are in a negative or a depressed state of mind. We need to help them come
out of this state and start counting their blessings.
What better way than making something from the heart and with one’s own hands and
expressing all that one is feeling within.

Now is the time to include all Indians and come together to give a beautiful shape to our
sentiment of Gratitude.

A quilt made by our own hands is the most precious gift that conveys so much about our
feelings of gratitude and acknowledging the ones who are doing their best to protect us and
always keep us safe and healthy, especially the invisible hands that often go unnoticed. For
example to ones who sanitize the Operation theatres, the ones who carry the food and other
essentials to the jawans at the borders, or the ones who ensured that there was medicine
and food supplies in the most difficult phase of the lock down and the list can go on.

By coming together, we quilters can create history and make social quilts huge in India.

Come become a part of the ‘First time for India’ movement – India’s Karuna Quilt Movement
– and ensure that this becomes an ongoing and integral part
of all us for years to come.

It’s time we enrolled our loved ones – friends and families to join in whatever way they can
participate and bring them closer to us.

We as quilters understand that creativity is never bound by rules, nor are there any faults but
just happy accidents when done happily and sincerely from the heart.
A small gesture of love and appreciation in the shape of a quilt, coming from the larger
community of us Indian quilters will be incredibly encouraging to the ones who protect our
lives and who are often invisible.

India’s Karuna Quilt Movement – Made In India, Made By India and Made For India.
India thrives in every home where Indians live and their hearts beat for India, across the